Tuesday, 10 March 2009

* mushroom experience *

~ 10th March 2009 ~

I bought a packet of fresh mushrooms last week and been toying with the idea of making thick creamy soup. So I googled as usual and gathered ideas. Looking at my well stocked but not right ingredients for mushroom soup, I decided to do it my way with whatever I had. :P

Please forgive my lacking measuring system here. I have the habit of cooking with whatever's at hand's reach which has produced  some rather interesting dishes to my palate. Not of course all good I must admit. Heheheeh

The ingredients :

* Big handful of mushrooms
* Sliced onions
* Chopped garlic
* A carrot  - stripped 
* Couple of sweet potatoes - cut chips style
* Ginger - half a thumb; well...make it a woman's thumb size ;)
* Some milk   - approx. 1/2 cup 
* Some cream  - approx. 3 dinner table spoons full

The Act :

* Warm the skillet with some olive oil.
* Saute the garlic, ginger and onions.
* Add in mushroom stems prior to the mushrooms.
* Cover and simmer awhile. 
* Add carrots and sweet potatoes and cover again.
* Blend or puree softened carrots and potatoes.
* Back on low heat together with some milk, cream and water to desired texture.

Serve with bread and garnish with whatever is available. Hahaha.
Sorry, I have yet to have a bowl of it but the little I tasted off the spoon, yummmeeee.........

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  1. Hi Junoqua, thank you for your kind words and support re my friend Ruby's passing away. I appreciate it.

    Love your this interesting post. You sure have interesting talents, not to mention finding the time too.
    Have a great time, keep well, Lee.