Sunday, 22 August 2010

* lovey burgers *

It's more than a year since I last posted in here.... a shame really because I had compiled some pictures and somehow was distracted. ;P

Anyway, today I am in the mood to share these burgers I did for the kids last August. ;) The mini burger buns were by High 5 but I prefer by Gardenia as they are softer.
I was running out of creative cooking for the kids and watching so much of Rachel Ray on tv and her Huge burgers...... the buns got me thinking....

So... using my heart shaped moulds; I mixed together some minced meat with egg whites, chopped parsley, coriander, salt & pepper before dividing evenly into each mould topping with the yolk. Stuck them in the oven for approximately 30 minutes or till cooked. (Can't really remember how long...)

Later I rested them on a small bed of salad leaves, mayo, tomato sauce..... voila! Mini burgers!! 

Kids went nuts at the sight of them.
Glad to conclude there were no crumbs left behind.

Success! ;)

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